About Us

With a dedicated emphasis on the freshest ingredients, comfort food, seasonal menus and changing thematic decor, we are constantly innovating, thinking, planning and bringing  memorable dining experiences to our guests. Our friendly, warm service style welcomes you to our table in restaurants that are beautifully designed, transporting you on journeys to celebrate, or simply escape. 

What's the story?

Not too long ago, we felt we could create an exciting addition to the vibrant dining scene in Kuala Lumpur. After many years of travelling to the Pacific Northwest, and getting inspired by a mix of the cool and casual scene, we really liked the laid back vibe that permeates throughout Portland, Seattle and Vancouver in a low keyed manner. It didn't shout out trying to be hip. It just was. It had a modern feel of the West with hints of Asian influences without the usual clichés. An almost seamless integration without having to use the word "fusion", which we abhor. The food is simply cooked, in an ambience that is usually stylish without being too fussily designed. The service style is always friendly, relaxed but attentive. That was the sensibility we wanted to bring back to our restaurant in Malaysia. Although the Pacific Ocean is a great divide, it also connected the two cultures. 



Working exclusively with our sister company, the design team from Quirk & Associates scoured the globe for shops, factories and suppliers that could give us the textures, materials and decorative items that creates a unique feel to our spaces.

New Brands

Delirium Cafe - a Belgian craft beer bar lands on our shores for the first time after opening successfully in the US, Japan, France, Portugal and now Malaysia. 

OpenHouse is a modern Malaysian dining experience with an emphasis on elevating local cuisine through the use of generational recipes, jungle foraged produce and served with warm Malaysian hospitality.

byACME Sdn Bhd
Unit 2-3D The Troika
Persiaran KLCC
50450 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia